How to prepare: Get lot’s of rest, drink plenty of water, arrive early for your session and be ready to have fun, because we will!

What to wear: Bring a few different changes of clothes. Various layers, textures as well as casual and formal clothes for some variety. Solid colors are best. Try to avoid patterns, loose or baggy clothing as well as anything wrinkled. Other than that, make sure it’s stuff you love and feel comfortable in.

Makeup: There is a makeup/hair stylist available upon request at extra cost. However you are welcome to do your own. Just a few tips.

-Natural is always best when it comes to headshots. Less is more.

-Liquid foundation is better than powder.

-Keep lip color as close to your own as possible. Glossy is ok.

-Go easy on the blush.


Hair: Clean and dry, done how you’d normally do it when going out. For men, make sure you shave early before your shoot. Beards or scruff are ok, but make sure it looks well groomed.

Lips: Yes, they’re important (for men too!) Moisturize and start a few days before your shoot. Dry chapped lips do not photograph well (The camera will pick it up!) and they do not touch up well.