Practice Sessions on a Lazy Sunday

As professional Photographers, we do so much more than just take photos. In fact photography is probably only about 10-15 percent of what we do. The rest is business. That means things like marketing and promotion, accounting, reading, replying and sending out emails, paying bills, researching and educating ourselves about equipment or the industry. The list goes on I'm sure. However, even with all that, there are still times where one might find themselves with some down time. There are periods where business might just slow down for a while and it can be hard to deal with, especially when there are bills to pay or rent for that sweet studio space you've acquired. I'm more than aware of the stress this can put on a photographer. However, I think this is also a period of time that creates opportunity. How? Well, now you have exactly that! Time! with few or no clients to deal with or paper work to sort through, you now have the time to go out and take photos for the fun of it, or explore a new concept you might have had on your mind. I find slow periods to be the perfect time to brush up on my photography skills and explore ideas. A few weeks back I had this opportunity. Business was slow, I wasn't getting many injuries and I felt like I needed to get my camera out even if just so it wouldn't collect dust on the shelf. So, I went to my computer, opened Facebook and used it in the most productive way I know how. I put a call out on some FB groups for a model. I love social media for this, especially Facebook. There are so many groups you can be a part of and get involved in the community with. Anyway, I found a model to work with and set up a time to do a shoot. She had an AirBnB booked downtown which was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning type theme. Here are some of the shots from that session. 

Model: Drew Cathernine

I'm a Portrait photographer and I do much of my work in studio with controlled lighting. It was nice to get away from that and get back to a more natural approach using the light available. Fortunately the apartment was full of natural light with white walls that  diffused that light beautifully throughout the room. It also really helped that Drew here was experienced in front of the camera, took direction well and was super easy to work with. She also had a huge wardrobe of clothes to choose from.