The Importance of a Headshot

When we think of headshots and those who need them, most people perhaps think of actors, models, or business executives. The truth is though that nowadays almost everyone needs one for some reason or another, or at the very least could probably benefit by having one. Perhaps it’s for your organizations website, a business card, branding, promotional purposes or something as simple as your Linkedin profile. In fact, so many of us these days have a digital identity or online presence to some degree. All the social network platforms for example require a profile picture. Whatever photo is on there will be seen by many, and often may be the first impression others will have of you. Therefore it should be impactful, and hopefully stand out from the rest. This is true of any headshot for any purpose. After all, it is in fact a marketing tool. You’re marketing yourself to others.

People want to know who the person is they are, or will be interacting with, whether they’re doing business with you, hiring you for a job, working on a project with you etc. Your headshot gives them a sense of who you are. That’s where having a good professional headshot comes in and having an experienced photographer to bring out the best in you.

Many people are not comfortable in front of the camera and when someone is uncomfortable in a photo, it shows. This is why a professional photographer is important. Not only will they know how to position you, get good lighting and take a quality photo and get the best shot possible; they can also help you feel at ease, and bring out your personality to get a headshot that looks as natural as possible. A good photographer will know how to help you feel relaxed and make you look your best; which ofcourse is what you want. Most of all though, they will know how to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for you. By doing that you will get a headshot that looks professional and feels like an authentic version of you and one you can be proud of.